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Freezer Reviews’ Freezer Buying Guide

Looking for a freezer? Check out this chart featuring some of the best-selling freezers from Amazon, which we have compiled to help you choose which is the right freezer for you.  And below, please read our buying guide where we discuss useful tips for buying a freezer.

Mini Freezer

A mini freezer is ideal for those who only need small freezer storage. In this article we feature several of the best selling mini freezers or small freezers in Amazon.  Take a look at the following top-rated mini freezer  models:      

Avanti VM302W1-1

Avanti VM302W1-1 The Avanti VM302W1-1 freezer holds an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars, leaving customers very satisfied with their purchase. The Avanti VM302W1-1 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a semi-small upright freezer. Two fixed wire shelves give you additional storage

Best Freezer For College

It’s that time of year. Many are busily getting things in order to start classes. If your heading to college, you might get a little thirsty. Here’s what you need to know about freezers for college dorm rooms.

Frigidaire FFU21F5H

Another sturdy upright freezer from Frigidaire, the FFU21F5H boasts of being frost free.  This 21 cubic feet model has an automatic alert feature, which is triggered when the door is left open or there’s a rise in temperature.

Sundanzer DCF165

For many years, chest freezers have been large and environmentally in-efficient. Introducing the Sundazer Solar-Powered Chest Freezer, you read it correct, solar-powered. How does it work? This low cost, energy efficient chest freezer can run on a 175 watt solar panel (required for use) and a small

Summit VT65

Looking for a nice, upright freezer option for your industrial site or office space? The Summit VT-65 Counter-Depth Laboratory upright freezer can fulfill all your needs. First, notice the many features and functions provided with this upright freezer.

Frigidaire FFC0923DW

In the market looking to replace your old, worn out deep freezer chest? Look no further, Frigidaire boasts one of the most robust and durable freezer chests around. The Frigidaire FFC0923DW has very nice features that are useful for buyers.


For all you extreme cooks and caterers, the RW Kitchen equipment Door 2 Door freezer is the perfect item for your kitchen. Not many other devices provide the size, power and storage capability as this one does.


If you are looking for a small, lightweight deep freezer with robust options and features, the General Electric FCM7SUWW is the way to go. This all-white, perfectly sized deep freezer provides a new, stylish update to your kitchen. Boasting a 7.0 cubic foot capacity, you can store


Looking for a great product to keep your meat and vegetables frozen and stored properly? Look no further, the General Electric FCM15SUWW is exactly what you need. This perfectly sized, well equipped freezer chest can provide the size and flexibility you need in your kitchen.

Danby DCFM246WDD

The Danby DCFM246WDD is another best selling freezer with an Energy Star rating. It is an 8.7 cubic-foot chest freezer model that has an adjustable front feet. It has a rust-resistant aluminum interior, a front-mount thermostat and a defrost drain.

Danby DCF401W1

The Danby DCF401W1 is another best-selling freezer that is compact and offers enough freezer storage. It is a four-cubic-foot manual defrost freezer, is rust-resistant and has an aluminum interior.

Danby DUF408WE

The Danby DUF408WE is another best-selling upright freezer.  It has a 4.2 cubic foot capacity of storage space.  It has a scratch-resistant worktop, that is perfect for storing accessories.  It has an Energy Star rating.

Frigidaire FFFC07M4NW

The Frigidaire FFFC07M4NW is a seven cubic foot manual defrost freezer that is perfect for any household. It features a Store More lift-out removable basket.  It has a power-on indicator and adjustable temperature control.