Frigidaire FFC0923DW

In the market looking to replace your old, worn out deep freezer chest? Look no further, Frigidaire boasts one of the most robust and durable freezer chests around. The Frigidaire FFC0923DW has very nice features that are useful for buyers.

First off, note the 1-year warranty offered with the FFC0923DW. This ensures Frigidaire stands firm behind their products. Secondly, this chest freezer has 2 lift-out storage baskets which allow you to organize and store your items in a neat fashion. Remember, you can remove the baskets all together and store larger items if you have the need too. Another neat feature is the adjustable temperature. You have the option to change the temperature depending on what you are storing. Most similar deep freezer chest only have one default temperature option, the FFC0923DW provides you with plenty. Also, say you need to move your deep freezer or you need to have it unplugged for an extended period of time, the defrost drain makes this function very easy. Unlike other freezers, you will not need to manually remove the water from the chest. The Defrost drain will remove all the water for you. Lastly, this Frigidaire freezer chest only weighs 127 pounds but provides over 8 cubic feet of capacity. If you are in the market for a new freezer chest, you must consider this one. If you have reservations about the purchase, check out the 5 star reviews other people have posted on

Full Specifications and Features:

* Capacity: 8 4/5 Cubic Feet

* Manual defrost

* Type: Chest Freezer

* Defrost drain

* Adjustable temperature control

* Power-on indicator

* Lift-out baskets

* Measurements: 23-1/4 by 41 by 34-1/4 inches

* 1-year warranty

* Weight: 127 pounds


Average Amazon Customer Ratings: 5 stars out of 5


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