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In these tough economic times, everyone is seeking to make their money go as far as possible. An efficient freezer serves this end in several ways. First, buying in bulk can save money, but perishable items, such as meat, need to be stored in such a way as to preserve their freshness. Most standard freezer/refrigerator combos provide limited space for storage, and so an additional unit proves cost effective in the long run. But finding a model that also offers top-of-the-line energy efficiency can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to find the best deal on initial unit cost. Amazon can offer you a solution by offering you reliably low pricing on high-quality freezers. Below are some upright freezer reviews of models, with accompanying commentary on reviews by customers, that will meet all of your needs and not strain your pocketbook.







Upright Freezer Reviews – GE FUF14SVRWW

This first entry in our upright freezer reviews covers a GE model with 8 shelves, a 13.7 cu. ft. capacity, electronic temperature controls, and a frost-free design. This GE upright freezer has many desirable attributes. A sliding basket at the bottom, 3 cabinet shelves, and 5 door shelves help you to keep a high level of organization. This ultimately leads to a higher potential storage capacity and better freezing efficiency. An internal light, safety lock with key, and a high-temperature alarm help you maintain an organized, secure, and efficient freezer. This received excellent reviews on all fronts, and customers complimented its high performance standard, which met all of their expectations and cold storage needs.




Full Specifications and Features:

*Capacity: 13.7 Cubic Feet

*Weight 180 pounds

* Measurements: 28.6 x 28 x 60.2 inches

*Temperature Control


*Three cabinet shelves

*Five door racks

*Interior light

*Safety lock and key

*Adjustable leveling legs

*Estimated yearly operating cost $66

Average customer ratings in Amazon: 5 out of 5 stars


Why would you buy this freezer?

*Frost free

*Huge freezer capacity and lots of shelves

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Upright Freezer Reviews – 20.5 Cubic Foot Haier HUF205PB Full-Size Frost-Free Freezer

Second in the list of upright freezer reviews covers a Haier model with a 20.5 cu. ft. capacity and is Energy Star® qualified. It offers you wire cabinet shelves, 6 door shelves, and holds approximately 588 lbs. of frozen food. It is also equipped with an adjustable thermostat, a Never-Clean Condenser. A security lock with key and casters add combine added security with easy mobility. Because there are only two reviews listed with Amazon, one excellent and one poor, it is highly recommended that comparison-shopping of other review sites is done.





Why would you buy this freezer?

*Plenty of freezer room at twenty cubic feet

*Frost Free

*Good UL rating

Another twenty-cubic foot freezer, the Amana AQU2003TRW, is featured below.
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Upright Freezer Reviews – Frigidaire FFU12F2HW

Another model in our upright freezer reviews covers a Frigidaire model with a 12.1 cu ft. capacity. With an adjustable temperature, three fixed wire shelves, and bright interior lighting, this model is ideal for those with smaller storage needs. This model received mainly standard reviews, and is ideal for those who require fewer customizable features to meet their storage needs. For those with limited space to keep an additional freezer unit, this may prove ideal.




Full speficifications and features:

*Capacity 12.1 cubic feet

*Temperature control

*Three wire shelves


*Interior lighting

*Measurements: 26.5 x 28 x 59.6 inches

*Weight: 165 pounds

Average Customer Rating in Amazon 3 1/2 out of 5 stars


Why would you buy this freezer?

*Frost free

* Automatic alert feature

*Good organization system

*Reliable brand
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Upright Freezer Reviews – 20.1 Cubic Foot Amana AQU2003TRW Upright Freezer

This Amana upright freezer has the Fast Freeze setting, capable of driving the temperature 10 degrees colder.  It has a 40-watt interior light, and an adjustable, up-front, temperature control.  It has a reversible door with rounded edges and corners, providing a seamless look.  It has plenty of store area, with six door shelves and a lower wire freezer basket.

Product dimensions are 30 x 33 x 67 inches, and weight at 206 pounds.




Full specifications and features:

*Capacity: 20.1 cubic feet

*Weight: 206 pounds

*Measurements: 30x33x67 inches

*Interior light

*Manual defrost

*Six door shelves

*Adjustable temperature control

*Reversible door

*Fast Freeze feature

Average customer ratings in Amazon: 3 1/2 stars out of 5

Why would you buy this freezer?

*Fast Freeze setting

*Well-lit interior

*Huge capacity at 20 cubic feet

Another 20-cubic-foot freezer, the Haier HUF205PB, is featured above.


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 Upright Freezer Reviews – Frigidaire FFU14M5HW

This third consideration in our upright freezer reviews covers a 14 cu. ft. Frigidaire model with frost free operation, Ready-Select controls with upfront display, an automatic alert if door is left open or temperature rises, and a lock with a pop-out key. As a basic unit, this freezer is ideal. It meets every essential need when seeking additional cold storage space, without the extra headaches that can sometimes accompany added features.





Full specifications and features:

* Capacity: 14.0 cubic feet

*Manual defrost

*Adjustable temperature control

*Defrost water drain

*Lock with pop-out key


Why would you buy this freezer?

*Comes with lock and key

*Adjustable thermostat

*Reliable brand
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Here’s a table summarizing the ratings of some of the freezers featured here:


ModelCapacityDefrost SystemAverage Amazon RatingPrice
GE FUF14SVRWW 13.7 Cubic Feet UprightFrost free5 Stars$766.99
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Frigidaire FFU12F2HW 12.1 Cubic Feet UprightFrost free3 1/2 Stars$593.99
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Frigidaire White Manual Defrost 14 Cubic Feet UprightManual$582.99
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