How to choose a freezer

The freezer is a practical and useful thing. Greens, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, berries and even milk are perfectly amenable to freezing. Frozen foods, as you know, retain almost all vitamins and trace elements and allow you to eat fresh fruits and berries all year round. In addition, the freezer in the house replaces the whole storage pantry, because it is much easier and quicker to freeze food than canning.

Type of freezer

In order to choose a suitable freezer, you need to decide on the main thing to choose a horizontal or vertical portable refrigerator the horizontal freezer (chest) is very roomy. The minimum volume is 100 liters, the maximum volume is more than 500 liters. Most models have hanging baskets and dividing plates to make it easier to sort products. Cache takes up more space, but if you put it under shelves or a hanging closet, then the useful area will be preserved.

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