How to choose a freezer

The freezer is a practical and useful thing. Greens, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, berries and even milk are perfectly amenable to freezing. Frozen foods, as you know, retain almost all vitamins and trace elements and allow you to eat fresh fruits and berries all year round. In addition, the freezer in the house replaces the whole storage pantry, because it is much easier and quicker to freeze food than canning.

Type of freezer

In order to choose a suitable freezer, you need to decide on the main thing to choose a horizontal or vertical portable refrigerator the horizontal freezer (chest) is very roomy. The minimum volume is 100 liters, the maximum volume is more than 500 liters. Most models have hanging baskets and dividing plates to make it easier to sort products. Cache takes up more space, but if you put it under shelves or a hanging closet, then the useful area will be preserved.

How to choose a freezer

Vertical freezers are more common. They are convenient if you are going to freeze many different products. In withdrawable containers, you can group products by category. Such freezers usually have from three to five boxes, large enough to freeze the dimensional products.

Energy Efficiency

The next, what you need to pay attention to when choosing a freezer – a class of energy efficiency. Previously, Class A was considered the most economical, but lately, freezers and refrigerators have made significant progress in saving electricity. Class A +++ is the most energy efficient. Cameras of class A ++ and A + consume more energy. There are freezers of classes B and C – although they are cheaper when buying, but more expensive in operation.

Defrost type

An important detail when choosing a camera is the defrost type. It can be No Frost or manual. No Frost technology, thanks to the air circulation, evenly cools the workpieces, not allowing them to frost and become a solid coma. The evaporator installed in such frosts removes excess moisture so that the “coat” on the walls of the chamber will not form.
But do not think that you will not need to defrost such a freezer. Manufacturers recommend washing the walls of the chamber once a year – so that no pathogenic microbes accumulate
There is also one important nuance. When freezing, products must be folded in plastic bags or covered with a pocket, as the air circulation can dry them. Manual defrosting assumes that owners will defrost the freezer at least once a year. The more dry products will be laid in the freezer, the less ice will be trapped.


Freezer control can be mechanical, electromechanical and electronic. The mechanical type of control is the simplest and more reliable. It is, using the rotary switch, you can select one of the frost levels. Electromechanical control is carried out with the help of a thermostat knob. Only the degree of cooling can be regulated.Freezers with an electronic type of control, as a rule, have a display. Controls such a freezer are located on a separate panel with buttons, with which you can set the desired temperature, turn on / off the fan in the camera and install protection from children. Also, the display may display color indicators that indicate the mode of operation.

Camera class

Freezing chambers also differ in the freezing class, which is often referred to as snowflakes (* -6 ° C, ** -12 ° C, *** – -18 ° C, **** -24 ° C.
The degree of freezing depends on the shelf life of products. For example, at -6 ° C protein food should be stored no longer than a month, but at -24 ° C the shelf life varies from six to twelve months, depending on the composition of the products. In order not to break your head, you will always be able to peek into the memo to the datasheet of the freezer – where it is described in detail what and how long it can be stored.
Also, when buying a freezer, you should pay attention to its climatic class:
• SN (subnormal): 10-32 ° C
• N (normal): 16-32 ° C
• ST (subtropical): 18-38 ° C
• T (tropical): 18-43 ° C
A freezer of a certain climatic class will work properly in a room where the temperature is not lower and not higher than the indicated values.

Additional functions

It will be convenient if the freezer is equipped with some additional functions. The open door signal will not allow you to leave the freezer unclosed. Carbon filters improve the quality of air purification. The “super-frost” mode reduces the temperature to -32 ° C. But remembers that the compressor in this mode works continuously, so do not set “super-frost” for more than a day. Well, if you get special containers for food storage it will be convenient and practical.

How to choose a freezer

As for the design, modern freezers will fit into any style. Freezers have a wide color palette – from silver to red and from beige to dark gray.
And one more recommendation: using a freezer, do not be lazy to sign the contents of packages and trays. It will be fine if the date of freezing is also indicated. When frozen, products often lose their original outlines, and it is sometimes difficult to recognize the product.